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Review article
Doi Number:10.1080/07268608308599303
A spectroscopic proton-exchange membrane fuel cell test setup allowing fluorescence x-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements during state-of-the-art cell tests
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The Dimension Theory of Certain Cardinal Algebras
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Measuring the speed of sound
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Computers mean more physics, less math, in classroom
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The Decline of Class Voting in Britain?
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Kerala (Inde Du Sud/South India): Le Chant Des Pulluvan/Pulluvan Songsby Laurent Aubert; Ravi Gopalan
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Molecular orbital studies of diatomic molecules
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Crossover behavior of the magnetic phase boundary of the isotropic antiferromagnet RbMnF_{3} from ultrasonic measurements
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Stiffness characterization of corner-filleted flexure hinges
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Mechanism of laser and rf plasma in vibrational nonequilibrium CO–N[sub 2] gas mixture
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The Three Pillars of Zenby Philip Kapleau
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Etching mechanism of (Ba, Sr)TiO[sub 3] films in high density Cl[sub 2]/BCl[sub 3]/Ar plasma
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South Africa
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Direct piezoelectric effect in relaxor-ferroelectric single crystals
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Thermodynamics of the first-order vortex lattice melting transition in YBa2Cu3O7-δ
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Excited-state-absorption and laser parameters of V^{2+} in MgF_{2} and KMgF_{3}
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Phase retrieval in x-ray coherent Fresnel projection-geometry diffraction
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An Approximate Method for Convex Programming
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Front Matter
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Soft magnetic ternary iron-boron-based bulk metallic glasses
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Fabrication of nanometer size gaps in a metallic wire
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Serological characterization of the enterobacterial common antigen substitution of the lipopolysaccharide of Yersinia enterocolitica O : 3
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Comparative studies of transparent conductive Ti-, Zr-, and Sn-doped In[sub 2]O[sub 3] using a combinatorial approach
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Can one and two-dimensional solid-state NMR fingerprint zeolite framework topology?
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Microsurgical robotic system for the deep surgical field: development of a prototype and feasibility studies in animal and cadaveric models
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Comment on “Radiative and nonradiative recombination process in InN films grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition” [Appl. Phys. Lett. 86, 142104 (2005)]
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Last stage control and mechanical transfer function measurement of the VIRGO suspensions
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