Thermal Hydraulic Flow Oscillation Characteristics in Multiformed Channels under Natural Circulation and Low-Pressure Conditions
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Does excess dietary protein improve growth performance and carcass characteristics in heat-exposed chickens?
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Regional forecast of deep seam mining floor water-bursting based on fuzzy cluster analysis and fuzzy pattern recognition
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Ferroelectric substrate effects on the magnetism, magnetotransport, and electroresistance of La_{0.7}Ca_{0.3}MnO_{3} thin films on BaTiO_{3}
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Intensity-modulated radiotherapy by means of static tomotherapy: A planning and verification study
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Long-wavelength phonons in TlSbS2. II. Raman-active modes under hydrostatic pressure
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Usability and software architecture
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Relativistic all-order pair functions from a discretized single-particle Dirac Hamiltonian
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Off-mass-shell deformation of the nucleon structure function
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Estimation with several culture media of spirilla of 11 natural sources
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Semiclassical model of the electron-impact ionization of hydrogen in the presence of a strong laser field
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Integer-ambiguity resolution in astronomy and geodesy
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Transmission of interacting electrons through a one-dimensional periodic potential
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Effects of ^{3}He impurity on solid ^{4}He studied by compound torsional oscillator
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Lysine Levels in Starter and Grower-Finisher Diets Affect Broiler Performance and Carcass Traits
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Uplink power control via adaptive HMM estimation
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Analysis of island-operated distribution networks with distributed induction generation under fault conditions
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Explanation of low critical currents in flat, bulk versus meandering, thin-film [001] tilt bicrystal grain boundaries in YBa2Cu3O7
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Multiple scattering effects in proton-nucleus collisions and the behavior of the total and partial inelasticities
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Two-fragment correlation functions for quasiprojectile source and midrapidity component at intermediate energies
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Hermitian quantum equations for scattering in reaction coordinates
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Multimodal 3D histogram for moving object detection
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δ18O variations in snow on the Devon Island ice cap, Northwest Territories, Canada
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Polymeric Microring Resonator Using Nanoimprint Technique Based on a Stamp Incorporating a Smoothing Buffer Layer
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Can microbiologists help to assess catheter involvement in candidaemic patients before removal?
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